Work Is Love Made Visible: A Collection of Essays about the Power of Finding Your Purpose from the World's Greatest Thought Leaders

Marshall Goldsmith, Frances Hesselbein, Sarah McArthur, Alan Mulally (Foreword by) Wiley; 9781119513582; October 2018


This handbook sheds light on the experiences, examples, inspiration, and motivation of leaders from the public, private and social sectors through personal essays.


Readers will learn how more than 25 contributing authors tackle the universal struggle with individual purpose and meaning; how personal thought patterns contribute to real-world action; and how leaders turn challenges into opportunities. Learn more


Enhanced Edition of

The Five Most Important Questions

Peter Drucker, Frances Hesselbein, Joan Snyder Kuhl, 2015, Jossey-Bass


Timeless wisdom tailored for today through the guidance and insight of a new crop of leaders in business, academia, social enterprise and the military. This spin-off of the 2008 classic retains the enduring 5-question leadership framework of Peter Drucker.


Includes 12 new perspectives from contemporary and millennial leaders who have been directly influenced by Peter Drucker's theories of management. Learn more


More Hesselbein on Leadership

Frances Hesselbein, James M. Kouzes (Foreword by) 2012, Jossey-Bass


This collection of compelling articles is a must-read for leaders who need to be prepared to guide their organizations into an uncertain future. 

My Life in Leadership

Frances Hesselbein, Jim Collins (Foreword by) 2011, Jossey-Bass


Tracing her own development as a leader, she narrates the critical moments that shaped her personally and professionally: from her childhood in Pennsylvania, to moving up from Girl Scout troop leader to Girl Scout CEO, to founding and leading the Institute that bears her name, to her friendships and experiences with some of the greatest leaders and thinkers of our time. Each chapter includes an inspirational story, a key lesson and how to apply it to daily life.

Hesselbein on Leadership

Frances Hesselbein, Jim Collins (Foreword by) 2002, Jossey-Bass


This book affirms Hesselbein's specific leadership principles including thoughts on innovation, change, diversity, and what it means to be a leader who is a woman.


At the heart of the book is Hesselbein's belief that leadership is about character -- a question of how to be, not how to do. 

The Five Most Important Questions

Peter Drucker, 2008, Jossey-Bass


​Five essential questions and the help of five of today’s thought leaders. A tool for self-assessment and transformation, answering these five questions will fundamentally change the way you work.


Peter Drucker’s five questions are:

• What is our Mission? with Jim Collins

• Who is our Customer? with Phil Kotler

• What does the Customer Value? with Jim Kouzes

• What are our Results? with Judith Rodin

• What is our Plan? with V. Kasturi Rangan



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